Keep moving toward hope

Long, dark days, one after another seamed together with nary a sliver of sun.  It was the never-ending winter.  God forgot the sunshine.  I was ready to throw in my hope entirely, then the geese arrived.  Two flew by teasing me into thinking maybe winter was over. But it was just a fly-by and the weeks passed and my spirit sunk deep around my toes.   My spirit was so disconnected from my head, I feared it might never come back.  More geese flew by with a few extra feathered friends on the flanks and my hope got a jolt.  There were more than two at a time, the movement was gaining momentum.  The geese were my inspiration last week.  I had reached the end of my seasonal rope - the one I was desperately hanging on to get me through wintery cold and minimal sun.

The geese were finding their way back and I was amazed and encouraged.  It was finally over.  The miserable winter with the "most consecutive days with temperatures at or below freezing" was done.  The geese were my proof.  They arrived before the water was open and they stood on the frozen waterways in absolute certainty spring would appear even though the thermometer read minus 18 degrees Celsius. 

A pair has lived on our water edge for years.  When they return I know the willows will green-up overnight and the robins will appear.  Our pair nests each year in the southwest corner of the property just out of reach of Kanti.  And we all have to go through an adjustment period as Kanti fulfills her dog duty of barking at everything that moves while the geese sit unperturbed just out of reach. My despair began to lift last week when I looked out the window and saw the two Canada Geese sitting in their corner.
Canada Geese

Their migratory instincts filled me with wonder.  How did they manage to safely return through the cold harsh spring weather? Their single-minded migratory instincts amazed me. I imagined the adventures and sense of purpose we could tap into if we lived with the same single-mindedness. What if we just kept moving when our prayers weren’t answered, and the sun didn’t shine?  What frozen ponds might we find ourselves on and what horizons would we explore?

Last week I kept hearing one of Toby Mac's songs and it was just the shot of encouragement I needed to keep flying, to chart new territories and to claim hope.  I dare you to listen Move (Keep Walkin) without driving too fast or dancing around the house.  The song was my anthem last week as I welcomed the geese back.  My hope was fuelled.  I was encouraged and I hope you are too.  Just keep walking keep moving on.  Winter will end, the sun will shine, and the trees will erupt with new life.  Hope is there somewhere keep going.  Keep moving toward it.

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  1. I had never heard ofToby Mac, but when I lijstende to his song you linker, I could imagine that it works like an anthem!

    1. It's a catchy tune and I liked the message!


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