Never alone, no one walks alone

Somehow and I honestly don't remember how, it was probably Google's fault - I came across a notice for the Brain Tumour Walk Edmonton and without much more thought decided to ask His Next Page if I should organize a team.  The answer came quickly, followed by my action to register a team.

Heaven's Ninjas was borne.  The idea was fledgling.  We would invite the family to join the team including all our little people.  The walk looked like an event we could all participate in, even GG could bring her lawn chair and cheer from the sidelines. I thought it would be fun to pull the family together for something outdoors which put the focus on slaying that beast of a tumour in a very different setting.  Most of the talk about slaying the beast has happened in the midst of prayers or in the presence of medical experts.  The walk seemed like a chance to tap dance on top of the beast if only for a few hours, outdoors in the fresh spring are with robins cheering us on from the tree tops.

I had no expectations of raising money although we were certainly not adverse to it, but I confess it wasn't my original intent - sorry to the Brain Tumour Walk organizers.  My goal was to pull everyone together for something which might give us a sense of purpose in unison over the beast.   Well, surprises abound, generosity reigns, and support blossoms.  Our little family team expanded to over twenty and my little goal of raising $2000 as a team was blown out of the water day one by Pake and Beppa.  As of this morning we were at $7900 in donations and that is because of the generosity of friends, family, colleagues, and clients.  What a humbling experience and we haven't even walked yet.
Rainbow Promis e - Never Alone
The little idea that could, has turned into an experience in witnessing our community pour out its blessings for a cause that has become personal as we walk with Doug and his family on this daily journey of fighting the beast.  We aren't there daily.  I know.  And many days it has felt like we aren't winning but collectively we try in all the different ways we can to surround Doug and family with prayers, hope, and support.  Early in this experience Doug's family bought rubber bracelets for us that say "no one fights alone" - the motto for all cancer awareness and so similar to the motto of the Brain Tumour Walk - No One Walks Alone. The walk we will participate in today along with all of you who have donated, will be yet another reminder to Doug that he is not walking alone.

He walks not alone, but with an army of humans, angels,  and we believe with our Creator.  So we will continue to charge the gates of heaven with our prayers.  Doug will keep taking the medications and adhering to all the lifestyle actions he can.  We will raise funds for the research of this disease that has crashed into our worlds, and we will not let Doug walk alone.  Reminds me of an old hymn we used to sing in church when I was little, No Never Alone.  Here's a listen to a gospel music recording by F. C. Barnes & Company.  Yes, hallelujah get your gospel music groove on and think of the Monsma clan today as we walk together!

If you wish to donate to Heaven's Ninjas
Gigantic thank you from the Monsma clan for having supported this little idea and more importantly for supporting Doug!