Week 41 Let There be Light & Laundry

Last night as the dusk settled, yes I did say dusk not dust.  We watched four deer emerging from the bushes and crossing the swake, it was one of those moments of tranquility and beauty that make us pinch ourselves.  There wasn't much tranquility inside the house this week but there was lots of progress.  On any given day there were at least four workers going to town installing the hardwood flooring, hooking up the last of the heating things, and hanging light fixtures.

Greg finished off the fireplace last weekend and by the time he was done his hands were hamburger raw. His pillowcase looked like there had been a crime in the bedroom from his hands bleeding for a couple of nights.  The mortar, the stone, the washing of the stone, and scraping afterward with metal brushes; all of that wore heavily on his hands.  But, the job is done and it looks fabulous.  He's really proud and as of last  night his hands are healing well, his fingers are just a bit numb.

The mantle turned out really well too, it is cut from one of the large trees that were felled to make room for the house to be built.  Friend Dave, the ultimate woodsman, has spent a few hours out here making planks for his daughter's deck, and crafting a mantle piece for us.  Pretty neat to have something like that in the house that ties it to the roots of the land with links to friends.

I have moaned a lot about having to visit a laundromat for the last nine months.  The stinky washers, clothes that come out as dirty as they went in, the dryers that destroy your underwear, on and on the litany could go.  But as promised last week, the washer and dryer are snuggly in their new home in the laundry room and they work like a hot-damn!  Just in the nick of time.  You can see the evidence of what happened to at least one pair of Greg's socks or maybe they weren't his socks but leftovers from someone else's load maybe a really small person.  Naw, they were his but now they will be going to Goodwill for some child under the age of six to wear.

Things moved along on the house this week with only minor hiccups.  However, Kanti was wrongfully accused of a crime against the house again and her owner was taken to task albeit in a nice way.  Those of you who know Greg, are aware that the sun rises and sets on Kanti.  Right now she is a substitute for grandchildren.  She is spoiled, she is exceedingly bright, she is extraordinarily cute, and in Greg's view she is incapable of wrongdoing.  I type all of that 'tongue-in-cheek' but there is an element of truth to it.  Anyway, there was no damage so it was a lot of brouhaha over nothing.  But I did have a frank chat with the builder yesterday on the advice of my number one son, who said I should really warn the builder to lay off Kanti because she's Dad's soft spot.  We have an understanding; the builder wants the house to be perfect when he hands it over and that's what we love about him and his work.  We on the other hand fully intend to live in this wonderful home and Kanti is part of our lives so she'll be coming in to enjoy her bone once or twice a day.

As I type, I am enchanted by the musical sounds of the washer and dryer notifying me that the latest loads are done, I truly need a life!  Today we'll battle the dust that continues to settle around us, wash out the kitchen cabinets in anticipation of officially moving in very soon, and we'll wish number one daughter, Happy Birthday!  Next week, I'm hoping for a central vacuum that works.  Oh and maybe, just maybe a bath.