It crossed my mind to call this week's post conservative progress as a nod to the recent Alberta election, and a reminder to myself that even glaciers move albeit slowly.  This week marks the fifty-first week since  we moved to the swake and began the house adventure.  It seems like it has been much longer although I guess living in a trailer for eight months might be a factor in my perception of the passage of time.

The final inspection has been completed just in time to watch the trees leaf out almost overnight.  In fact the leafing out process seemed to happen on Wednesday between the time I left home in the morning and supper time when I returned.  There is a glorious fresh greenness to everything except the low lands but we have sorted out what kind of native grass to plant there and have been advised to wait about two more weeks to plant it.  So soon, even the sand on the low lands will be brought under control and the dust storms that arise with the slightest wind will lessen.

Kanti made progress this week as we we worked on controlling her too!  Instead of a full on jump on you, she is limiting it to a about a foot of elevation and trying really hard to keep her feet on the floor.  We have cut back her food because her ribs were disappearing beneath a layer of fat.  Overall she's been nice to have around and today she gets her next serious obedience session.  She is so happy to have access to open water again, and as of today every toy except one is underwater.  Greg figures he might need hip waders to recover them.

Meanwhile with the doggie behaviour improving, she is 'blowing her coat'.  That's vet speak for losing her fur.  And she is losing it in great big clumps, with every scratch another whack floats through the air.  I am amazed that no one has figured out how to spin german shepherd fur because there would be an abundant supply.  The vacuum is getting a really good workout and so am I, trying to keep up with the blowing of the coat.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums!