Alberta, let's keep surprising the world

Some might say, enough already with the Fort McMurray story.  Those people may just want to go back to their tidy lives and a variety of news reports of murder and mayhem around the world; things far removed that don't make them feel uncertain or uncomfortable.  But the truth is that it isn't over yet whether you want it to be or not.  The fire still rages, fuelled by a tinder dry forest and fanned by winds out of the control of humans.  88,000 people have been displaced and they are not going home tomorrow or the day after.  While the rest of Alberta lends a hand, enfolding those who have fled, the world watches. This is Alberta's turn to shine and we need to be prepared to keep shining because this is going to be a long road.

Alberta - land of amazing sunsets & amazing people
Once the initial excitement and adrenalin has worn off what are you going to do to ensure that the things we have claimed about ourselves, and that others have recognized this past week, continue to be our truth? I'm thinking about all the hash tags that have been shared over and over.  #Albertastrong #ymmhelps #FortMcMurrayStrong and there are others.  What about the prairie code that Rex Murphy spoke about?  Will the hash tags and compliments recede or will Albertans claim them and continue to act on them?

The fire is not extinguished; the danger and loss of property are not over yet.  It's not over until the last resident has returned to his or her own home. The world will lose interest eventually and that will be when our test really begins.  Our test will go on for several years.  Will we live out the #AlbertaStrong tag over the long haul?  I believe we will.  That's the Alberta and the Albertans I know. It's who we are and who we aspire to be, a strong and resilient province with a big heart.