A little surprise letter on Day 10

Dear Natalie,
Thanks for launching the 10 Day Freedom Plan Bog Challenge.  Participating has been fun and enlightening.  When we had to search for internet access and coordinate our schedules, it was a PITA.  On those days when the cafe was full, the laptop battery was dying, and we were at odds it was a challenge.

Fortunately there were fewer challenging days and more days where it all worked out rather well.  Day 2 was a good day.  We scooped a cafe table near a plug in and we weren't in each other's hair.  The writing came easily and the outcome surprised me.  

The whole idea of work life balance has never sat well for me but I couldn't figure out an alternative.  The expectation that we trade control over our lives for the opportunity to work felt fundamentally wrong; the question was how to reach a feasible alternative.  Although I didn't fully visualize the alternative, the Day 2 blog hit on something that might have promise - the idea of work life integration.      

Integration has possibilities.  So to answer your Day 10 question, my favourite day was Day 2 because it triggered the need to wrestle with the idea of work-life integration. This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

I watched the Day 10 video and laughed.  It was so you!  After I watched it I made Greg watch it too.   Well done, Natalie.  Thanks again for the chance to participate in your challenge, all the best with the next Freedom Plan launch.