My adventure surprised me

I set up in The Beanery Cafe on main street in Summerland, ready to crank out the Day 8 blog, when Natalie threw a curve ball.  "Go forth and have an adventure" she said.  It got a little complicated after that.  She instructed us to have an adventure first and write about it later.  Sounded simple enough unless you were camping without good access to wifi and a bit of a drive to reach wifi.

Committing to this challenge had been serious for me.  It was less about adventure than about proving it could be done even when on a camping vacation without power or wifi.  Until Day 8 when the leading lady commanded us to have an adventure first, take photos, then write and post.  It wasn't an ideal day for inspiring photos.  The clouds hung low, the drizzle was constant, and the curls popped out at weird angles.  We managed to have an adventure despite the weather and this blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day.

The adventure began at Canadian Tire on a quest to buy RV toilet paper.  As we exited the store we noticed the canopy above the front entrance displayed a couple of words that fit the Day 8 blog challenge perfectly. 

Playing & Living 2016
 After dealing with the necessities we headed off for a day of wine tasting.  The first stop was Therapy Vineyards where everything played off the name.  One wall was a blackboard where you could sign up for group therapy.  I had to leave a little calligraphy behind.
Love my name 2016
We left Therapy Vineyards behind and wound our way along the Naramata Bench.  The next stop was Joie Farm Winery for more tasting and Margarita Pizza.  We had to stop, it was my namesake.  The gentleman in the tasting bar shared his knowledge of the Okanagan wine industry graciously.  No snobbery was present, only a parking stall with my name on it.
My own parking stall 2016
We returned to the campsite for the evening just as the skies began to clear.  The adventure was complete.  We had encountered joy, happiness, and adventure just as Natalie had requested.  The day had been full with playing and living.  It wasn't a planned adventure.  I hadn't set out to find a winery named after me, I had started at a hardware store buying RV toilet paper.  It was real life where our adventures are what we make of our everyday encounters.  
My favourite guy for 35 years