The surprising truth about those who inspire me - they are true to themselves

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6.  The question was posed, who inspires you and why? My list includes Michael HyattJeff Goins, and Natalie Sisson.  

Michael Hyatt is on the list because he has successfully crossed from the corporate world into his own business.  He has a knack for integrating his faith and his work, into his life.  When I listen to Michael's videos I have the sense that our value systems align completely.  I also have hope that there is a way to build a business that integrates fully with my faith and my life.  

Jeff Goins made my list because he figured out how to combine his writing and creativity into a profitable venture that serves individuals and businesses equally well.  Jeff speaks openly about the importance of family and balance in his life.  When I read Jeff's book The Art of Work, I had an epiphany about how I wanted to live my life going forward.  It was one of those moments in life when one cannot fathom how dense they have been for so long.  Yet, it was also a moment of complete clarity.

Finally, Natalie is on my list because I really want to win the blog challenge and go to Bali in March 2017!  Not really.  Natalie has demonstrated for me that the work of building a business in the online channel is do-able.  She conducted herself with such professionalism and class when I was involved in The Freedom Plan a year ago.  What other online course owner has ever called you personally to welcome you to their course?  She had me from hello!  Then when we were fortunate enough to cross paths last year in Portugal, I was so pleased to find out that her online persona is truly her.  

I am fortunate to have lots of others around me who inspire me.  They cross generations, cultures, and timezones.  Who inspires you?