Do humour and BS have a role in relationships?

We were on our way to a celebratory dinner in the city, trapped in the vehicle together for over half an hour with plenty of opportunity to talk.  Greg was driving my vehicle and I was riding shotgun when he announced, "Your fuel light has come on."

"I wonder how far we can go."

I had something new to worry about and ruminate on while we were driving.  What if we ran out?  We'd be late for our reservation.  It would ruin our anniversary celebration.

"We can go at least one hundred kilometres.  We can easy go to the restaurant and back to Costco for gas afterwards." he said with complete seriousness and conviction.

Keeping an eye on the swake
One thing I have learned after thirty-six years of marriage to the man, is that he makes stuff up sometimes, especially when he thinks I might be on the verge of becoming extra nervous or mad.  I don't want to disparage his character, because he is a man of integrity.  However, on occasion he makes sweeping statements about inconsequential things like how far the vehicle will go once the fuel light has come on, that just leave me shaking my head and calling BS, "You are making that up.  You don't have any idea how far we could go.  Do you?"

"No, but we can go a long way.  We aren't in danger of running out of gas.  And that's just what guys do, you know."

"What do you mean, that's what guys do?"

"We make stuff up sometimes.  RK told me, wives think we know lots of stuff so they ask us questions and expect us to have an answer."

I laughed.  Any marital advice or stories originating with his long-time buddy, RK, were usually entertaining.

"RK and JK, were driving one day when JK asked why a tree had fallen on the side of the road.  RK had no idea.  How would he know why a random tree had fallen?  He said she asked him questions like that all the time, as if he should know, so he started making up answers."

I was distracted from the danger of running out of fuel and I was laughing hard.  RK is a character, and I could fully imagine the conversation between the two men about the need to live up to the expectations of their partners, and the challenges that entailed. Mission accomplished by my husband and partner of thirty-six years.  Well-played Greg.

It took us thirty-six years but it has been confirmed.  Sometimes the answers to questions that don't matter are complete and utter BS.  I had suspected as much and have become more adept at calling it out.  What I hadn't realized was the dynamic behind it.  The desire of someone who loved me, to entertain me, make me laugh, distract me, and engage in ridiculous conversation.  Maybe we hit on a few of the secrets of thirty-six years of marriage - being able to have silly conversations, call BS, admit to our need to please, and just enjoy the moment for what it is.

What happens in your relationships that makes you laugh and makes the bonds stronger?